Quantum Kitchen Installation Torquay

Beautifully designed and crafted in Devon, the Quantum Kitchens we supply and fit are at the height of luxury and quality. With multiple key designs to choose from, these kitchens will truly transform your kitchen space.

We supply and professionally fit 4 of Quantum’s leading ranges; ALUMA, Origin, Elegance & Sanctuary. As some of their signature ranges, there are plenty of design options to choose from when creating your perfect fitted kitchen.


Each type and cabinet in the Aluma kitchen collection is constructed to take rails that act as a recess, resulting in seamless designs. True Handleless kitchens combine the sleek, linear aspect of ultra-modern designs with quirkier, contemporary spins on traditional forms in this collection.

ALUMA Kitchen Door Styling

The Aluma series has a lovely selection of kitchen door types that have been developed to accommodate rails for a completely handleless kitchen design. Slab doors in matt finishes, wood textures, and stone effects, as well as a classic shaker door, are part of this collection.

Handless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are distinguished by their slim rails recessed into the cabinets and their clean lines. True handleless kitchens are undeniably contemporary and built for ease of use.

Kitchen Rails

There are a variety of colours to pick from, as well as the ability to colour match the rails, which are vital to true handleless designs, to provide maximum freedom and choice when constructing a contemporary kitchen.

Kitchen Handles

Handles have a big influence on the atmosphere of the kitchen and the design approach. We've handpicked a large variety of kitchen handles to ensure that there's something to suit every theme and kitchen style.

Origin Kitchens

Origin is a lovely, eclectic kitchen collection that includes anything from modern, handleless profiles to traditional shaker doors. You may build a really unique kitchen by mixing and matching doors from a variety of styles, designs, and finishes.

Origin Kitchen Door Styles

The Origin collection comprises a diverse range of kitchen styles, ensuring that there is something for everyone. This collection includes a diverse range of kitchen doors that can be used to create everything from modern kitchens to historic designs and everything in between.

Elegance Kitchen Collection

The Elegance collection of kitchens is defined by in-frame kitchens that are both beautiful and of exceptional quality. These kitchens, which are handcrafted and intricately decorated, gain character as they age. Every touch, every minute detail, and every addition is carefully considered.

With numerous styles in the collection, a wide range of options is available, from traditional to contemporary, from peaceful, classical design to a modern quirky and distinguishing space.

Elegance Kitchen Handles

A harmonious match can be the only way to describe the relationship between the elegance range and the handles that complete it. The rich textures, strong colours and unique shapes all work towards creating a poised, finished design.

Quantum Saltram Kitchen

Professional Kitchen Fitting Torquay

Our professionals can complete a faultless installation once you’ve chosen your ideal kitchen and any accessories, ensuring that you’re left with a lovely room. Our installation service includes everything from delivering and installing all cabinets, sinks, brassware, and appliances, resulting in a professional installation.

All of our installation and fitting work is guaranteed, so you can relax and enjoy your new space.

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